Lee F. DOnaHUE

Safety Professional

             Electrical Contractor

                          Trainer & Consultant


Hi!  My name is Lee Donahue.  Thanks for checking out my site.  I'm an electrician by trade who has worked in a wide variety of roles in the construction industry: project management, estimating, service, safety, training, and, most importantly, field work.  My electrical background includes work with power distribution, building management systems, direct digital controls, uninterruptible power supplies, cogeneration, data systems, and many built-to-order specialized systems, all in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  I've also worked hand in hand with multiple trades, and directly with a broad spectrum of customers.  I've always been fascinated with computers (over 30 years worth!), and a friend finally suggested I combine my expertise and my interests.  The result is this website!

(847) 281-7436



Chicago, Illinois

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