Lee F. DOnaHUE

Safety Professional

             Electrical Contractor

                          Trainer & Consultant


Even more important than the location of a job is what the job actually entails.  There are few situations that are "cookie-cutter;" each situation is unique.  One may be as simple as replacing a light switch, the next as complicated as removing the pneumatic controls from a high-rise and renovating the building with a modern electronic system.  A sound understanding of electrical theory as well as its practical applications has allowed me to be versatile in adjusting to any situation, and therefore I have been remarkably successful at providing lasting, effective installations.

Naturally, documentation is as essential as the installation itself.  Strong computer skills, including familiarity with CAD, honed over 20 years, have been overwhelmingly supportive in monitoring jobs, updating as-builts, tracking business and industry trends, and creating new methods of performing testing.